Have you ever wondered who your ancestors were?


Everyone has a family history, do you know what yours is?  This is called a “Family Tree”  because our ancestors spread upwards and outwards like the branches of a tree.

Maybe you have a famous ancestor that you didn’t know about, or perhaps there is a skeleton in the cupboard. It’s a fascinating journey and one that should be taken before too much of your heritage is forgotten.

Just to discover what your Great-great grandfather did for a living may be a surprise.

Would you like to see the First World War Military records of your relative? You may find an unknown hero!

Do you know where your Surname came from?

I have taken many family trees back to the 1500′s and a few as far as the domesday book.

Whatever your family history is, it is YOURS and your childrens.

Even your house has it’s own family tree – who lived there and what  they did for a living. If your house is pre 1900 it has it’s own story and place in local social history. You can discover this as well.

I always do an initial FREE consultation by phone and/or email to see how  I can help, whether for yourself, or as a gift for someone else.

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